Personal Training



Training with our certified personal trainers is a great way to get in shape safely, efficiently and effectively. They provided the motivation necessary for you to achieve your goals with regular fitness testing, personalized programming and accountability.
All our trainers are certified and qualified to train and many have years of experience. They are qualified to work with individuals who have been injured or have special needs.

One-on-one training is the most individualized fitness programming we offer and therefore, the most effective. Your first appointment is a complimentary evaluation with the purchase of a package of three or more sessions. Your trainer will work with you to determine your current fitness level and discuss your health and wellness goals. In future sessions you will train with a personalized, effective workout that focuses on meeting your goals.

Aquatic Personal Training offers a great one-on-one experience with a personal trainer in the pool with Lifeguard supervision. This new training experience is great for anyone who is looking for a new workout experience. The buoyancy of the water decreases the stress on the body that can be experienced during general weight lifting. The viscosity of the water creates a different form of resistance great for strengthening muscles without the use of weights. This program is great for anyone who is looking to begin a strength training program, increase their cardio endurance, or better their balancing abilities. Come join us in this new and exciting experience!

Duo training is when 2 people come together for the extra motivation of exercising with others while minimizing costs. Duo training is ideal for friends, athletic teammates, couples and co-workers with similar goals and fitness levels. During your first appointment you will receive a complimentary evaluation. Your trainer will assess fitness levels and he/she will develop a plan for the success of both individuals. In all sessions you will train together at the same time.

TRAINING PACKAGES Family Member Member Non-Member
One-on-One Save 35% Save 20%  
3 sessions $85 $102 $115
6 sessions $150 $170 $202
12 sessions $240 $288 $324
Duo-Training* Save 35% Save 20%  
3 sessions $50 $60 $67
6 sessions $85 $102 $115
12 sessions $150 $170 $202
*Duo Training: Each participant must purchase their own

package. Rates listed are per person.

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To schedule your first appointment, contact: Lauranel Banks, Wellness Director.; 570-970-5012