Youth Programs


October 29 - December 22
Member Registration: October 1st
Non-member Registration: October 8th

KIDS CAFE: Basic hands-on cooking recipes that are fun, easy and ready to eat!
Ages 3-5: Fridays 12-12:30pm Register online here
Ages 5-8: Thursdays 6-6:30pm Register online here
Ages 9-12: Wednesdays 6-6:30pm Register online here

GAMES GALORE: Let’s play some board games! Child favorite board games for individuals or groups!
Ages 5-8: Saturdays 11-11:30am Register online here

IMAGINATION PLAYGROUND: Imagination playground is a mobile block- based play system that transforms children’s minds, bodies and spirits through active, creative play. It will inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities!
Ages 3-5: Tuesdays 12-12:30pm Register online here
Ages 5-8: Mondays 6-6:30pm Register online here

OH WHAT A MAZE!: Children will enjoy a half hour of creating marble mazes using different types of tubes and cylinders!
Ages 5-8: Wednesdays 6-6:30pm Register online here

SOCCER: Basic soccer skills, early beginners
Ages 3-5:
Tuesdays 11:30-12pm Register online here
Tuesdays 12-12:30pm Register online here
Thursdays 11:30-12pm Register online here
Thursdays 12-12:30pm Register online here

MESSY ART: Your little ones will enjoy getting messy with finger paints and water colors and you don’t have to worry about the cleanup! Kids will enjoy a half hour of fun filled art and crafts related activities that will have them exploring their messy side.
Ages 3-5: Saturdays 10-10:30am Register online here

AUTHOR OF THE MONTH STORY TIME: Kids will enjoy a half hour of learning all about the chosen author the month! The kids will enjoy hearing the author’s stories, meet the characters!
Ages 3-5: Thursdays 12-12:30pm Register online here

SLIME YA LATER!: Each week kids will enjoy making ooey gooy slime in all different colors and textures!
Ages 8-12: Saturdays 12-12:30pm Register online here

CAN YOU CODE IT?: Each week youth will learn how to code using Ozobots!
Ages 8-12: Saturdays 1-1:30pm Register online here

For more information please contact Ashlee Rittenhouse 570-970-5039


Teens in Training (TNT) is a program dedicated to teaching youth how to safely and properly use the equipment in the Wellness Center. Once the program is successfully completed, youth will have access to cardio and cybex/weight selectorized equipment with a few limitations. (No free weight usage until 16)

To signal successful completion of the program, youth will receive a colored band representing their ability to use certain equipment. The band MUST be worn at all times while using the equipment.

Ages 10-13 require adult supervision throughout the program and while using the Wellness Center. Ages 14-15 are permitted to attend the program and use the Wellness Center alone.

The program consists of 3 sessions teaching youth about health, fitness and safety. Each session is 30 minutes. Youth must attend all sessions and pass a short written exam.

Ages 10-13
Wed. at 4:30pm & Sat. at 9:30am
Must attend all sessions.
Adult supervision required for program and subsequent use of the wellness center.

Ages 14-15
Wed. at 5pm & Sat. at 10am
Must attend all sessions.

2018 Course Dates Available:
October 17 - October 27
November 7 - November 17
November 21 - December 1
December 5 - December 15

Cost: $10
Membership required

Register at the Welcome Desk or Click Here
Space is limited!


The Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA is now offering FREE tutoring for children on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:00pm-7:00pm from September through May. This service is provided by students from Wilkes University. Call 570-970-5041 for more information.